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Benefits of Solar


Gain control over your KWH

energy usage and minimize your electric bill.

Solar is renewable and plentiful in Northern California. 

You live in the most optimal area for Sun Rays and now is the perfect time to put a Solar System on your roof. Instead of falling prey to ever increasing PG&E utility rates, you can scale back your dependence by Owning your Power station. Producing your own energy on site means you are an electric KWH producer and decrease your need from your current power supply source.

An additional side effect is you will be helping to decrease the strain that growing energy demand places on the electric grid and infrastructure. Which is more valuable - a home with Solar or a home without?

But, how much more valuable? According to recent independent studies, for every dollar you save from solar-power homes, you may increase the value of your home by approximately $20 dollars. e.g. A solar system that saves $1,000 per year means an increase home value of $20,000. Also, the U.S. Dept of energy claims that a home with solar energy sells twice as fast as a home without solar energy - even in a depressed market.

The life of a solar energy system can be more than 25 years. Homeowners often see a return within six

or seven years. Depending on the size and location of your home, our energy expert can calculate your

return and share with you what a smart investment solar can be.

Many people are concerned about effects of fossil fuels on our environment and our planet. Going solar

is going green and you will reduce the demand for fossil fuels and help minimize the risks associated

with conventional energy use and collection.The by-products of owning your own solar power station mean you decrease our National Dependency on Foreign Oil, Reduce your carbon footprint, and Help preserve our resources for generations to come.