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Any company can select cutting edge technologically and equipment that are sound components for a solar power system, however, the design and the install are crucial to maximize the potential of such components.

 AD Home Solutions Inc. has been designing and installing Solar since 2004.

The following is what you can expect from us when we install your Solar system.

Our team:

AD Home Solutions Inc. will assign a project manager, a minimum of two roofers and an electrician to install your solar system. We match skills within each team to make sure we cover all necessary areas of expertise. Your project manager will be responsible for making sure your project is complete on time and to our high standards. The team will also explain the system to you and answer any questions.

Site Survey:

AD Home Solutions Inc. will perform a Sol-metric Sun-Eye measurement to locate the placement of your Solar panels to ensure maximum harvest of your solar energy. Our certified electrician will evaluate your existing electrical capacity of your home. We will determine this additional solar power source can meet all local and state building codes. AD Home Solutions Inc. will do any upgrades to your electrical panel if necessary*.

Blue Print:

AD Home Solutions Inc. will design and prepare all documentations to coordinate with your city or county and obtain permit approval to build your solar system.

What happens upon permit approval? 

AD Home Solutions Inc. will arrange an appropriate time with you upon procuring all  components to build your solar power station. Most installs can be completed within one to two days, but some will run into  three or more days - for example, we will take more time on metal roofs. We always let you plan for the install well in advance to the scope of work.

Commissioning the system:

Once the install is done in accordance of the approved blue print, our install team will power up your solar system. We will check your solar system against the expected performance and confirm the system is performing properly and up to specifications. AD Home Solutions Inc. will hook up your monitoring unit for you to view the energy production of your system.

Final with your local or county:

AD Home Solutions Inc. will co-ordinate with the respective inspector to get approval from city/county to operate your PV System.

Obtain your utility company approval:

To turn on your system, AD Home Solutions Inc. will prepare all necessary documentations (Net Metering Agreements) and request your utility provider to power on your solar system. Once your utility installs the Net Meter, you now have your own operating sun powered generator. 


Now you are ready to start saving money on your electric bill and help the environment.

*There may be additional cost on electrical panel upgrades.